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    "It has been recently discovered that research causes cancer in rats"
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    Double Standard with Enes Kanter Decision?

    Enes Kanter has been ruled permanently ineligible. 6’9 power forward from Turkey was found to have receive $33,033 above his actual and necessary expenses when he was playing professionally in Turkey. The University of Kentucky has already appealed the decision once, so this is the final decision form the NCAA.

    In spite of my loyalty to the Big Blue Nation, I would have to agree with the decision of the NCAA. Kanter by definition was a professional athlete. Allowing him to play would have set the ridiculous precedent that as long as you meant to remain eligible you could play no matter how many illegal benefits you got. HOWEVER, there are still things that bother me about the NCAA in regards to the Kanter decision…

    1. By their reasoning Josh Shelby of Kansas should be ruled ineligible. He accepted money from an agent but was able to pay it back from his scholarship. Dillon Baxter of USC was able to pay back *pause* a dollar for an “illegal golf cart ride” across campus. Why were these options available for Shelby and Baxter not Kanter?

    2. Answering my own question from above, the NCAA President, Mark Emmert essentially that NCAA decisions are non-binding meaning that they don’t have to be consistent… if they want to.

    3. The NCAA really needs to decide how they are going to handle international players. Kanter did play professional basketball but the amateur basketball system in Europe is different. It’s unrealistic of the NCAA to expect international recruits to walk around with a calculator, keeping track of expenses while they are playing basketball.

    4. Finally, I have to say it… Is this geographical thing? The NCAA rules technically make no distinction from people who suit up to play professionally and people who take money from agents. Why the difference in treatment. It’s suspicious that the kid from turkey ends up being the one on the outside looking in… Just sayin.

    Sound like ole’ bullshit

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    As a Kentucky fan I am required to hate Indiana basketball but as far as shitty college basketball fan made rap videos go… this isn’t bad.

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    Wacka Flocka’s New Fragrance
-World Star

    Wacka Flocka’s New Fragrance

    -World Star

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    bitcheslovebball said: Hey, thanks for following! I just read your first few posts, and I'm sorry to hear about you and your gf ...breakups are always rough, no matter who initiates them. I loved your post about Bruce Pearl though! I'm prob gonna reblog it from here and my personal account. ill follow you from there too, cuz you have a cool tumblr so far :] Oh, and welcome to Tumblr, btw!

    I appreciate the welcome and words of encouragement. Your tumblr is awesome. I was actually reading it even before i followed you.

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    "Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me…"
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    Is Bruce Pearl getting a pass because he’s white?… Probably not.


    Everybody agrees that there is still racism in the United States today. The debate today is over just how much. A lot of  black people typically think everything is racism, and a lot of white people don’t recognize racism unless there is a cross being burned. Sooo you have discussions like these…

    It’s no secret Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl has found himself in some hot water. In this particular article the writer tries to draw comparisons between the treatment of Bruce Pearl the face of scandal and the treatment of former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson in the face of similar allegations. He concludes Pearl’s treatment was favorable and it MUST be because he’s white.

    I have gone on record about the poor treatment of minority coaches in the NCAA both basketball and football, but with all their problems I can’t imagine this being one of them. Allegations of racism in sports are hard to qualify because the situations are different from place to place. In order to compare fairly, the situations have to be similar. There are not enough similarities between Sampson and Pearls case to draw accurate conclusions.

    For example: From what I understand, Sampson has had some type of scandal EVERYWHERE he had been. While Pearl has never been a saint in the eyes of the NCAA, he’s not a habitual offender.

    Pearl also told on himself. You can argue why he did, but he did none the less.

    Indiana didn’t punish Sampson nearly as much as they should have at first. They basically gave him a slap on the wrist. Whereas Tennessee gave Pearl a much more harsh punishment relatively, which makes a difference in the eyes of the NCAA.

    And um NEWSFLASH: Indiana and Tennessee basketball are not the same. IU doesn’t have to put up with a coach who brings scandal. They can get a great coach whenever they want. Furthermore they have a much tighter leash for all their coaches after Bob Knight. Bruce Pearl is the second best thing ever to happen to UT basketball. (Pat Summit being the first obviously)

    The article isn’t terrible but there is one egregious mistake the writer made. The NCAA investigation into Bruce Pearl is still under way. He may STILL get fired. These comparisons are hard enough to do without waiting for the dust to settle.

    Oh one other thing… BRUCE PEARL IS JEWISH!!! (Not white)

    Sound like some ole bullshit to me…

    Later Daze

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    The Seatbelts- Rush (From the Cowboy Bebop OST)

    One of the best Jazz/Blues song nobody has ever heard. Only fans of the show Cowboy Bebop would be familiar.

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    "Getting up early never seems to work out too well for the worm…"
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    Does it matter to you if girls are smarter than boys? Because apparently they are.


    According to this article a study has now confirmed what the rest of Generation X and Y have known for years. Girls are far exceeding their male peers in the classroom.

    Now all the smartest people in academia are trying to fixit. Possible solutions range from separate class rooms to changing the curriculum.

    Apparently only a couple people ever thought to ask the first question that came to my mind… Who gives a fuck? Why is it a problem that girls are exceeding boys in the classroom? Let me ask a better question… Would we be trying to fix the achievement gap if boys were exceeding girls in the classroom?

    The answer is no. When it was the other way around it was “natural” and “reflective of abilities”. But now it’s “troublesome” and “the result of societal influences”.

    When people propose similar ideas to help girls close gaps, aka Affirmative Action, people complain about social engineering… But this is somehow different because it helps us get back to a comfortable status quo for The Man. The ideas to help women close gaps actually still make more sense because at last I checked women, in spite of all their recent academic gains, still lag far behind in every meaningful workplace statistic.

    Sound like some ole’ bullshit to me.

    Later Daze

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    Black Milk - Losing Out (feat. Royce Da 5’9”)

    If you never heard of Black Milk you have a problem… Take care of it /\/\/\

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    "'Laugh at your problems, everybody else does."
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    The Pharcyde - Otha Fish

    Great song. Pretty unique band too. Worth a listen from fans of all genres.

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